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My assessment is not at market value (too high or too low)

Have you picked the sales which are most similar compared to your property?


When you are comparing other properties that sold, make sure they are similar enough. 

  • Imagine you are buying these properties.  Are they similar to your property?  Look at things that buyers find most important (e.g. location, lot size, view, house size, age, etc.). 
  • Look up descriptions of other properties through BC Assessment's website: e-valueBC. 
  • See Hints on Comparables

If you pick sales that are significantly different from your property, they are not good comparisons.


If you have not selected the most similar properties, you will probably not convince us that your assessment is wrong.  See Hints on Comparables.  

Unless you find better evidence, you probably will not succeed.  Ask yourself: Is it worth your time and expense to appeal?

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