Guidelines for Media and Video Conferencing


Board hearings are open to the public. The media will be permitted to attend Board hearings, and Board hearings may be video recorded, provided there is no disruption to the hearing or interference with the Board’s ability to ensure a fair process and procedures.

The Board will expect the media, and any other person who wishes to video record proceedings, to respect the following guidelines:

  • No set up or removal of equipment during the hearing. All set up or removal must take place either before the hearing starts, during a break in the hearing, or after the hearing concludes.
  • No flash photography is permitted during the proceedings.
  • Video cameras must remain stationary. Lights (if required) must not interfere with witnesses, advocates or the hearing panel.
  • Any microphones must not interfere with the Board’s recording equipment or amplification provided for participants or observers.
  • Any interview of participants or observes must be conducted outside of the hearing room.
  • Due to the quasi-judicial nature of Board hearings, panel members will not be available for interview.

The hearing panel may impose other requirements, as necessary, to respond to particular situations or requests from the media or participants, which may included requests from participants or witnesses to limit video recording.

If, in the hearing panel’s opinion, any person is disruptive of the proceedings or negatively impacts on the Board’s ability to ensure fair proceedings, the person may be asked to cease that conduct and if the person fails to do so, they may be ordered to leave the hearing room.

June 2001