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Who we are?

  • The Property Assessment Appeal Board is an administrative tribunal established under the Assessment Act
  • We are the second level of appeal following the Property Assessment Review Panels. 
  • The role of the Board is to be an independent, neutral arbiter of assessment appeals and to ensure the accuracy of assessment appeals, in a timely and efficient manner.

What's new?


  • The annual appeal cycle for the Board begins April 30 with the deadline to submit an appeal following a decision of the review panel.
  • By mid-June the Board will send each municipality a spreadsheet containing all appeals filed for properties within your jurisdiction.  Providing this information is a requirement of the Assessment Act.  Municipalities can use this spreadsheet to determine the particulars of each property under appeal and can communicate with BC Assessment to better understand appeals in their jurisdiction.
  • Municipalities can confirm the status of any appeal, at any time, using the Board’s “Search Appeal Status” tool. 
  • Copies of all decisions of the Board, whether an agreement between parties (recommendation or withdrawal) or a decision through adjudication, will be provided to municipalities as each appeal is resolved.  Decisions of the Board can also be requested through the Board’s “Search Decision” tool.  If municipalities would like to request a copy of the Form 3 – Recommendation or any other publicly available documents, they may make a request through the Board’s Registrar at the contact below.
  • Municipalities may also request to participate in the annual stakeholder meeting held each spring.  These meetings are normally attended by BC Assessment and members of the Tax Agent Community to discuss Board appeal management processes and procedures.  If a municipality would like to attend and/or table an item for discussion they are welcome to contact the Board’s Registrar at the contact below.
  • The Board is independent of BC Assessment (who sets the assessment) and the Property Assessment Review Panel (first level of review).
    • Municipalities should direct property owners enquiring about assessments or initiating assessment appeals to BC Assessment or 1-866-valueBC (1-866-825-8322).
    • Municipalities may enquire with BC Assessment regarding taxation revenue implications as a result of appeals (risk to roll).  Due to the nature of its independence and being a neutral arbiter, the Board does not concern itself with taxation and such matters.    

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For more information, contact:

Jason Bowman, Registrar
[email protected]

To update contact information, contact:

Isabella Chin, Business Analyst
[email protected]