Board Members

Who will decide my appeal and what are their qualifications

All Board members are appointed by the Cabinet of the Provincial government.

The Board is lead by the Chair – who reports to the Minister of Attorney General. The Chair, two Vice-Chairs and Registrar manage the appeals, working with the parties to seek resolution through mutual agreement. If the appeal is not settled, it will be decided by one or more Board members who may be the Chair, Vice-Chair or a part-time member.

Board member backgrounds:

See the links below for a summary of the current Board members’ backgrounds:

Maureen Baird Howard Kushner
Allan Beatty David Lee
John Bridal Michael Litchfield
Winton Derby Bruce Maitland
Larry Dybvig Robert Metcalf 
Dianne Flood Edwina Nearhood
Robert Fraser Dale Pope
Erin Frew (Vice Chair) Simmi Sandhu (Chair)
Mandy Hansen Audrey Suttorp
Chris Hope Kenneth Thornicroft
James Howell (Vice Chair) Bruce Turner
David Jang Candace Watson

Board member remuneration:

Board members are remunerated in accordance with the Treasury Board Directive 1/17 which covers Administrative Tribunals in British Columbia. All Board members are classified under the Group 1 rates under this Directive.

Details on 2017 for Board members: remuneration.